About CA Immo

CA Immo specializes in office properties in Central European capitals. The company covers the entire value chain in the field of commercial real estate, from lettings and management to project development based on a high degree of in-house construction expertise. Founded in 1987, CA Immo – which is listed on the ATX index of the Vienna Stock Exchange – controls property assets in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe.

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CA Immo Real Estate Management
Czech Republic s.r.o.

Karolinská 661/4, 18600 Prague 8
Czech Republic

Tel:  +420-233 109 310
Fax: +420-233 109 311
E-mail: office@caimmo.cz

: 2620 1739
DIČ: CZ 2620 1739
Company is registered in Commercial Register
of Municipal Court in Prague C 79263

Managing Directors:
Alois Vyleta
Hedwig Höfler